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Water Leak Repair in Auburn, WA

We Solve Pipe Leaks and Water Leaks

  • ​Handling All Leaks in the Home or Yard

  • Emergency Service to Fix Leaks Faster!

  • Pipe Leaks in the Wall Diagnosed and Repaired

  • Fixing Any In-Ground Water Leak--Water Line Repair or Replacement

  • Licensed and Insured Plumbing and Water Leak Repair

Water leaks, whether they are from the in-ground water service line or from a pipe leak in your home, are not only irritating, but they can be costly. Aardvark Rooter wants to help you by fixing it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Water leak damage is as costly to your home as almost any other threat, so we don't waste any time getting your leak handled. Our plumbing professionals do the water leak repair Auburn area homes and homeowners can depend upon.​

When you see water soaking, pooling, or damaging drywall in your home, it's scary, it's frustrating, but most of all it's difficult to know exactly what the source of the leak is. Another situation that occurs, is that you may find water pooling in your yard when it hasn't rained for days. This would mean you have a water line leak. Your first move is probably going to be to shut the water off at the main valve. Aardvark Rooter will always work quickly to get to you and make sure to help your leak to stop wasting water or damaging your home or business.

We know it's no fun to have plumbing and water leak issues, but we are happy to be there for you and help get your repair handled as easily as possible. If you experience any pipe leaks or water line leaks in Auburn, WA, then call Aardvark Rooter for expert repair.  253-946-4158

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