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Drain Unclogging Sumner WA

A Quality Drain Cleaning Company in Sumner

  • Your drain cleaning specialists for clearing and repairs!

  • We'll take on ANY clog or clearing issue

  • We utilize hydro jetters, snakes, and more

  • Main sewer line cleaning & video camera inspections

  • We'll also handle your storm drain problems

  • Sewer leaks and breaks? We can locate them!

Our service will leave you satisfied, ...but you don't have to
take our word for it!
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If you have noticed that your drains are having issues it is time to call the local, professional plumbing technicians. Aardvark Rooter is a great choice to help with your plumbing system issues and to help keep all your drains flowing freely. It is, after all, a matter of health and safety for you and your family. We work with any of the clogging problems that Sumner homeowners may face. We get the job done quickly and affordably because we are local and want to EARN your business.

When it comes to drain cleaning, Aardvark has all of the equipment and solutions that the larger companies have. We diagnose completely and always utilize the most effective tools we can in clearing your drain. Snaking or using our rooter tools to clear your root intrusions is common, but we also employ hydro-jetting equipment to clear your lines. We offer sewer camera video inspections to find the bigger issues with sewer lines that could be causing relentless back-ups. If your needs turn out to be sewer repair related, we can become a reliable sewer repair company for you as well.

We can also work with you on any plumbing issue while we're at it. We focus on customer service and we work with you to fix any plumbing or drain issue right the first time.  

Aardvark Rooter is proud to be a family business that is locally owned and operated. We know the issues and types of drain clogs that Sumner area homes tend to have, and you can rely on us to be as fast and cost-effective as any company around. We're happy to serve you and take away the frustrations that come with these inconvenient drain stoppages. Contact Aardvark Rooter for any plumbing or sewer issue today!  253-946-4158

A drain cleaning specialist company, with the knowledge and proper tools you need!

Some local Sumner plumbing companies may find it much more difficult to unclog drains, and they may even need to "call in" aid with particular drain cleaning needs and equipment. But, because Aardvark Rooter is focused on these services, and routinely utilizes this specific equipment, we are better equipped to clean your drain line and diagnose sewage line problems. Aardvark specializes in drain and sewer cleaning and can swiftly and effectively remove all types of obstructions. Yet, snaking and cleaning your drain line is just the start. We may also use a sewer camera video inspection to thoroughly investigate what's going on within your sewage line in case there's a larger problem with roots or a damaged (sunken, broken, or crushed) side sewer main line. We also have our very own hydro-jetting machine for removing exceptionally difficult obstructions and getting a better look at your drain lines. Hence, when you have Aardvark on the scene for any type of clog, there is no need to contact another firm for skilled management of larger sewer and drain cleaning in Sumner. Contact Aardvark, a genuine drain-cleaning expert!

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