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Drain Unclogging Maple Valley WA

Professional Drain Cleaning in Maple Valley

  • Expert Drain-Clearing Services in Maple Valley WA

  • Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

  • Sewer Scope and Camera Inspections

  • Professional Hydro-Jetting and Snaking/"Rooter" Services

  • Storm Drain Clearing and Repair Available

Aardvark Rooter is your drain cleaning and plumbing specialist. We solve problems and serve the Maple Valley community. If you are facing issues with your drains and need reliable service. Our team is experienced in handling various plumbing challenges, including diagnosing and resolving blockages.


We efficiently clear blocked drains, tackling everything from root invasions to material clogs. We conduct thorough inspections of your drains and sewer lines to ensure no larger problems are present. Our technicians are equipped with the same professional-grade tools as the larger companies. As a local business, we bring a personalized touch and offer competitive pricing ensuring you receive top-quality service that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

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Aardvark Rooter is your trusted local expert for diverse drain and sewer line services in Maple Valley. We handle everything from removing tough clogs with traditional methods to employing advanced hydro-jetting techniques for more complex issues. Our sewer camera inspections are invaluable for identifying root intrusions, cracks, and other hidden problems in your drain lines. If significant issues are discovered, we are equipped to perform excavations, repairs, or complete line replacements as needed.


For any drain cleaning needs in Maple Valley, including challenges with lines leading to septic tanks, call Aardvark at 253-946-4158. We’re ready to be your primary resource for inspecting and solving any plumbing problems.

A genuine drain cleaning specialist company equipped with the right tools and expertise.

In Maple Valley, while some plumbing and drain companies claim to be experts at clearing tough clogs, they often face challenges and may need to bring in additional help. We utilize specialized sewer camera technology to not only diagnose but also effectively resolve issues within sewer lines.


Our services go beyond simple drain snaking. We carry out sewer scope inspections that allow us to visually identify and pinpoint issues like tree root infestations or structural damages within sewer lines, whether they are sunken, cracked, or crushed.


As a part of our tools of the trade and effective techniques, Aardvark has a hydro-jetting machine. Jetting a sewer line powerfully clears clogs, providing a clear view of your drain lines. So, for any drain issues in Maple Valley call Aardvark Rooter. We can provide a complete in-house plumbing and drain service, eliminating the need to outsource for additional expertise.

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