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Sewer Repair in Auburn, WA

All Sewer Repair/Replacement Needs

  • Main Line Installation Contractor

  • Expertise in Side Sewer Repair in the Auburn area

  • Camera Inspections and Drain Cleaning for Diagnosis

  • Storm Drain Repairs or Installation

  • Excavation Ready (Licensed & Insured Contractor)

  • Sewer Problem Diagnosis and Sewer Break Locating

Are you concerned that your slow drain problem could actually be a broken sewer line problem? Aardvark Rooter is not only a drain cleaning expert, but we are familiar with the sewer repairs that are commonly needed in Auburn. Even if you need an entirely new line installation, we are here to be your licensed contractor.


​Aardvark Rooter is ready for your call to come out, inspect, and fix sewer line issues. We are a professionally licensed plumbing contractor and have been handling complete installation and repair in Auburn, WA for many years. We'll investigate for you, and whether the issue is very large or very small, you can trust our diagnosis and depend on us for a professional solution to the problem. Let's get your system running right!

If you are experiencing a slow drain it is important to diagnose if it is a blockage or break. Aardvark is dedicated to doing ONLY the work that is needed. For any plumbing repair whether it is a partial repair or complete replacement of the sewer line, we will give a very competitive quote to handle the job.  253-946-4158

Our plumbing and drain services will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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