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Sewer Scope in Fife WA

Gain a Clear Insight with a Sewer Scope in Fife!

  • Sewer Camera Inspections for Your Line (Sewer Scope)

  • Identifying Causes of Main Line Blockages in Fife

  • Video Demonstrations of Cracks, Leaks, Roots, etc.

  • Immediate Drain Clearing, Sewer Repairs, or Replacements

  • Offering Trenchless Sewer Replacement Solutions

These days, homeowners are well-informed about their homes and understand the value of a "sewer scope" or sewer camera video inspection. Various issues, such as drain clogs and slow drains in your main sewer line, can stem from multiple causes. Often, blockages are due to debris and sewage collecting at a low point or "belly" of the sewer line. Techniques, like drain snaking or jetting, may temporarily resolve these issues, but particularly in older homes built before 1980, sewer lines may be made from materials that are prone to degradation or breaking down over time. Additionally, tree roots can invade the line through joints or seams, even in newer materials.


The best approach to address these issues is through a visual inspection of your sewer line to truly understand the underlying problems. A sewer camera inspection provides a detailed view of the flow and any obstructions. In Fife, WA, you can count on the experienced plumbing technicians at Aardvark Rooter. Watching the video alone isn't sufficient; you need a knowledgeable sewer technician who can interpret the findings accurately, much like a doctor would during a medical exam. We then provide clear repair options and necessary steps moving forward.

Arranging a sewer scope or sewer camera inspection for your sewer line, complete with expert analysis, is just a phone call away. Aardvark Rooter will come ready to clear your drains and then perform a comprehensive sewer scope. Residents in Fife can rely on this service to identify any potential problems with their sewer lines. We always present the facts clearly and offer all available solutions to address your sewer issues, ensuring there's no pressure on you to make a decision. If you need a sewer scope, sewer line cleaning, or any other plumbing repair, please don't hesitate to contact us today at 253-946-4158.

Our plumbing and drain services will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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