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Drain Cleaning and Unclogging in Auburn

Complete Drain Cleaning Services

Don't put up with drain clogs or back-ups any longer! Aardvark Rooter is a local and affordable unclogging specialist that also handles any sewer issue that may come up. We have a drain cleaning service that Auburn residents have been relying upon for years. We have the relevant tools of the trade that give you a diagnosis, a clear view of the problem, and options for solving your problem quickly and effectively. Get local and get affordable with Aardvark!

It's a very complete service we offer, but we only do what is absolutely necessary for the health of your plumbing systems. We can identify your stoppage, and choose the best method for clearing the problem. Aardvark can do it all, whether it be a snake, root-grinding, or hydro-jetting tool, investigate your drain lines with a camera, or handle any repairs in your pipes or sewer line. Trust our expertise and know that we can handle any plumbing-related issues as well.

With our licensing and years of experience, Aardvark Rooter is well aware of what you may run into. We handle ANY drain in your house, so let's get going and get your clogs inspected and your

drains unclogged today!  253-946-4158

Our plumbing services will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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