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Affordable Plumbers in Buckley, WA

  • Call us for ANY plumbing-related repair in Buckley

  • Water leaks &  underground water line repairing

  • We can usually unclog any clogged drain

  • A reasonable plumber that homeowners trust

  • Gas and electric water heater issues, too

Our service will leave you satisfied, ...but you don't have to
take our word for it!
Customer Reviews

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Aardvark is Known for Fast and Reasonable Plumbing and Drain Solutions!

You never know when a plumbing problem may arise, but it's always helpful to know WHO to contact when water leaks, drain blockages, sewer line problems, or other failures occur. Many individuals in the Buckley area may not have a plumber they trust, but we're ready to show you our sort of reasonable and affordable service that you can rely on and even suggest.

Aardvark Rooter can help with any plumbing issue! When many plumbing service firms do not answer their phones or provide acceptable replies, we do. We will solve your difficulties, no matter how big or minor, with the same honesty and professionalism. Our office personnel and technicians are among the friendliest you'll find. We're more than capable of getting you through any drain obstructions, sewage backups, pipe leaks, or other problems or challenges. Following a thorough diagnosis, we will provide you with clear choices for resolving your condition. That's how we've become one of the most dependable and cost-effective plumbers in Buckley, WA. You want a reasonable plumber, but not a "cheap" one---there's a considerable difference, as we want to demonstrate.

We take care of our consumers, as seen by our excellent ratings. Send us a full contact form (below) or call Aardvark Rooter now at 253-946-4158 to put our service to the test. We can't wait to be the plumbers you contact and show you why we're regarded as a business you can rely on for skilled diagnosis, comprehensive service, and inexpensive fixes every time.

All Plumbing Services, and Extra Expertise in Drains, Sewers, and Water Service Lines!

Aardvark Rooter can take care of any part of the plumbing in your Buckley home or business, but we are especially good at in-ground water lines, drain cleaning, and side sewer lines. In fact, 90% of plumbing problems come from a clog or a leak. We are professionals who are trained to find, diagnose, and fix problems with "flow" in and out of your house.

To get to a broken water line or sewer pipe, it is often necessary to excavate or dig into the ground. If this is the case, we may look into these options right away. Leaks in the ground or walls can be hard to find, but as soon as we find them, we fix or replace the water pipe to get the water flowing again. You can save time, money, and trouble by taking advantage of our knowledge. Some plumbing companies in Buckley may have a hard time unclogging drains and a lack of machinery and expertise here can lead to bigger problems. They may need to "call in" and get help from other experts.

Aardvark doesn't have to do this because we know what we're doing and use specialized tools to clean your line and find out if there are any detrimental problems with your side sewer line. A drain cleaning and sewer expert may be able to get rid of clogs and other problems more quickly and effectively. Simple snakes or pipe cleaners are just the start. We can also use a sewer camera inspection to see what's going on inside your sewer line to make sure that roots or a broken sewage line aren't causing a bigger problem. We also use hydro-jetting to clear out the toughest clogs and get a better look at your drain lines. As a sewer line contractor, we are always ready to fix all or part of a broken sewage line by digging or relining the pipe if that is what is needed. So, can you trust us as your Buckley plumber? YES! But we offer a lot more specialized services for problems with water lines and clogged drains, so you don't need to call another company. Just give them a call.

The fact that we have great reviews shows that we care about our customers. Send us a complete contact form or call Aardvark Rooter at 253-946-4158 right now to try out our service. We can't wait to be the plumbers you call and show you why we're known as a company you can always count on for skilled analysis, thorough service, and affordable repairs.

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