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Water Main Line Repair in Auburn WA

Water Main Line Repair and Replacement

  • ​Water Main Installation or Repair

  • In-Ground Excavation and Full Line Replacement

  • Water Pipe Repairs (inside or outside the house)

  • Licensed and Bonded For All Plumbing Work

  • An Experienced Auburn Water Main Contractor

Your home's water service line, also called the water main by some, is what supplies your home with clean, fresh, clean H2O. It runs from the meter (the street) to your home. This pipe can vary in length and how deeply it is buried under your yard. It's pretty easy to take this underground pipe for granted until it cracks or breaks. A leakage like that can pool in your yard, or you may get an alert from the utility company about a possible breakage.

Aardvark Rooter is experienced and prepared as a water main installation contractor. We can even repair a section of your water line if it makes sense for your situation. A degrading pipe will continue to cost you money in "spot repairs," so our experts will help you in finding the wisest solution.

When you do have to replace a water line these days, there are some great options for material and installation methods. A very popular choice is the Wirsbo Pex piping material. When used for your water main install, these are safer, easier, and faster, and they tend to last longer than traditional materials. If you're gonna invest in a whole new service line, it's pretty nice to get an upgrade too! 

Also, there is also a great option for water service installation that can save your yard and landscaping from an excavation. Directional boring is available where the new piping is "tunneled" underneath, with only two small holes needed on either side of the installed line. Ask us if these options are right for you. Call today if you need a  water line contractor that your Auburn friends and neighbors trust, use, and recommend!   253-946-4158.

Our plumbing and drain services will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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Water Lines in Auburn, WA
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Water Line Repair in Auburn
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