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Sewer Scope in Auburn, WA

Get A Sewer Line Camera Inspection (Sewer Scope)

  • ​​Video Camera Inspection of Your Side Sewer Line

  • Find Out Exactly What Is Causing Your Drain Clogs

  • Complete Diagnosis of Cracks, Breaks, or Root Intrusion

  • Sewer Repair and Replacement Specialists

  • Call for Emergency Sewer Backups and Clog Issues

Your building's side sewer, or main drain line, is easy to take for granted. A problem with your sewer line though, can truly shut down your home's plumbing and even threaten the safety of your family. When a sewer line backup occurs, you'll need professional drain cleaning/sewer cleaning, but many sewer line clogs occur because of a problem with the sewer line itself. This is where a sewer camera inspection or sewer scope will help immensely.

Sewer Camera Inspections help you know exactly what's going on and the actual condition of your sewer line. With the help of the experts at Aardvark Rooter, your sewer scope can reveal cracks or breaks in the sewer line that may be allowing tree roots or other materials to come through and cause frustrating clogs. Older sewer lines are likely made from materials that are beginning to break down. In some cases, sewer lines can collapse altogether, but it's best not to guess. You are best served to have a professional sewer expert get a clear sewer video camera inspection for your Auburn home or business. Our guys are ready to diagnose your sewer issues using that video. 

If it turns out that your sewer line needs repair or replacement, Aardvark Rooter aims to present you with clear options for handling your sewer line. It's not an easy situation, but our experts try to be clear about our recommendations to keep your decision process as simple as possible---and we are always looking to find the most affordable options for you. Think you might need a sewer scope in Auburn or surrounding areas? Then call Aardvark Rooter for expert examination and diagnosis of any sewer line issue.  253-946-4158

Our plumbing and drain services will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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Sewer Camera Inspection in Auburn WA
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