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Sewer Scope in Lakewood WA

Sewer Video Inspection in Lakewood WA

  • Expert Sewer Camera Inspection and Video Analysis

  • Accurate Diagnosis for Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Premier Drain Clearing and Sewer Scoping Services in Lakewood WA

  • Identifying Sewer Problems: Cracks, Root Intrusions, Collapses

  • Certified and Insured Sewer Video Inspection Services

A sewer line backup isn't just your average drain clog. While thorough drain cleaning is essential in both cases, a blockage in the sewer line prompts savvy homeowners to investigate potential issues with the side sewer. Clearing the drain is just the beginning; a sewer camera inspection, or "sewer scope," as it's often called, can provide a clear understanding of the underlying issues, especially when conducted by a licensed sewer contractor familiar with the intricacies of sewer systems.


Aardvark Rooter utilizes these inspections to assure you that your system is functioning correctly or to identify the necessary steps for affordable sewer repair. With years of experience conducting sewer camera inspections for Lakewood's residents and businesses, we understand the nuances of sewer health. Sometimes, a cleaning to remove buildup or foreign objects is all that's needed. However, situations involving root intrusion collapsed, cracked, or deteriorating sewer lines might require more extensive repairs or even full replacement.

Our technicians specialize in conducting sewer camera video inspections. In Lakewood WA, where homes range from old to new, it's common to encounter sewer lines that are beginning to degrade, particularly those made from older, less resilient materials. With Aardvark Rooter's certified plumbing knowledge, we meticulously diagnose sewer line issues. Leveraging sewer camera inspections allows us to identify the most cost-effective and practical solutions for your specific situation.


Don't hesitate to call us at 253-946-4158 today—we're prepared to thoroughly examine and address your sewer line concerns.

Our plumbing and drain services will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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Sewer Scope Services Lakewood WA
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