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Water Leak Repair in Sumner WA

Water Leak Repair in Sumner

  • In-ground Water Main Line Repairs and Installations

  • Repairing Water Leaks in the Ground or Within Walls

  • Comprehensive Solutions for Any Water Leakage Issues

  • Aardvark: Fully Licensed for Both Major and Minor Repairs

  • Expertly Handling Water Leaks in Sumner

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Are you noticing water pooling in your front yard, or perhaps you've received a notice from the water company about a potential leak in your water line? It's crucial to bring in an expert to address this problem affordably and thoroughly. Aardvark Rooter is that expert plumbing company, equipped and ready to repair your main water line or any water supply line in your home. Don’t delay—water leaks can lead to costly damage and high bills due to wasted water.


Your water supply runs underground to your home, delivering fresh and clean water from your utility. It can be buried at various depths and may break or leak for a variety of reasons. At Aardvark Rooter, we are prepared to either excavate and replace your entire water line or just a necessary section, depending on what is most effective. Continual small repairs to failing lines can add up, so we're here to help you choose the most sensible solution to permanently resolve your water leakage issues.

If you're facing a water line replacement, there's actually good news: this is a chance to significantly upgrade your setup. Wirsbo Pex is a cutting-edge and increasingly popular water piping material known for its durability, often providing longer-lasting performance than traditional options. It’s an opportunity to enhance your home’s infrastructure while addressing the current issue— and it's as cost-effective as conventional piping.


Additionally, consider the option of directional underground boring for installing your new water line. This technique allows us to route your new water pipe through the ground without disturbing the integrity of your yard and landscaping. This method involves "tunneling" the piping beneath the surface of your yard, preserving its aesthetic and structural integrity. If you're interested in this method or wondering if it's suitable for your property, don't hesitate to call and inquire.


We look forward to your call and the chance to demonstrate why we are the most effective water line repair service in Sumner! Contact us at 253-946-4158.

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