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Drain Unclogging Buckley WA

Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Buckley!

  • Expert Drain-Clearing in Buckley, WA

  • All Pro Tools Including Hydro-Jetting and Power Snaking

  • Sewer Line Repair and Clean-Out Access Installations

  • Comprehensive Camera Inspections (Sewer Line Scope)

  • Storm Drain Clearing and Repair Available As Well

Aardvark Rooter is your local expert in drain cleaning (while providing complete plumbing services, as well). We're proud to help solve your drain stoppages in Buckley, offering precise and affordable drain unclogging. We have a team of licensed and insured plumbing professionals who bring decades of experience to every job, specializing in diagnosing and clearing blocked drains.


We tackle all types of blockages, from material buildups to roots in your main drain line (or sewer line). After clearing your drains, we'll inspect them and your sewer lines to ensure no further issues are present. Our technicians use professional-grade tools to handle any job, big or small. As a local company, we provide the personalized care, service, and reasonable pricing that only a hometown business can offer.

Aardvark is committed to being YOUR local expert for any sort of drain and sewer line clearing or repair. Whether it's snaking out stubborn clogs or employing advanced hydro-jetting techniques, we've got the skills and tools for the job. Plus, we have our sewer camera inspections that help us pinpoint root intrusions, identify cracks, and spot other issues in your drain lines. If we uncover more significant problems, we're equipped to manage excavation, line repairs, or complete sewer replacements.


Reach out to Aardvark at 253-946-4158. We're here to inspect and resolve any need for drain cleaning in Buckley, including those blockages in lines leading to septic tanks.

Our affordable service will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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Drain Cleaning in Buckley, WA
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Drain Clearing in Buckley

A genuine drain cleaning specialist company equipped with the right tools and expertise.

You might come across plumbing and drain companies claiming expertise in clearing tough clogs, but they often fall short and have to outsource to another company that has the right tools and experience. Aardvark Rooter doesn't just claim to handle clogs; we specialize in it!  When facing any drain complications or sewer backups in Buckley, look no further than Aardvark. We’re equipped to be your complete plumbing and drain service solution.

Our approach to stubborn clogs and complex sewer issues extends beyond conventional snaking methods. We own a hydro-jetting machine, a potent tool designed to power through the most challenging clogs and provide a clear view of your drain lines. For a thorough inspection, we frequently deploy our sewer camera inspection or "sewer scope service" to visually examine the interior of your sewer lines, identifying any tree root infestations or structural damages such as sunken, cracked, or crushed pipes.


These capabilities establish us as your go-to local experts for not only Buckley drain cleaning issues, but also diagnosing deeper sewer line problems.

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