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Water Main Line Repair in Puyallup WA

Repairing Puyallup's Leaky Water Main Lines

  • New Installations of In-ground Water Lines

  • Experienced Water Line Leak Repair

  • We Repair ALL Water Leaks (in walls or underground)

  • Licensed Water Main Line Technicians

  • Experienced with Water Lines in Puyallup WA

Problems with your water line? The water that comes into your home fresh and clean from the local water utility comes via an underground water line or water mainline. These water supply lines are buried at various depths and the length depends on how far your home is from the city water main (usually at the street).

You might take this unseen pipe for granted, but ultimately, it's your responsibility if it cracks or breaks. When these pipes break, they tend to result in water pooling in your yard, sometimes the water utility company even sends you a letter alerting you to the water being wasted. But that's where WE come in. Aardvark Rooter has technicians with many years of experience solving water line leaks and operating as the water line installation contractor for those who need an entirely new line.

You might need a spot repair or a repair of only a section of your water line, but be aware that a truly degrading or very old water line may continue to cost you money if more breaks occur. Our experts want to help you find which options are best for your situation. If you do need more than a water line repair, you can at very least take advantage of the newer materials and technologies that will make your water line last much longer and resist issues. It's good that you can actually upgrade the line if you're going to replace it anyhow.

We also offer directional boring in some situations. This allows us to tunnel underneath your yard, as opposed to digging a full trench. Ask about this option and if it's right for your water line install. Call us at 253-946-4158 for a friendly solution to your water leak issues. Aardvark Rooter would love to be your water line contractor in Puyallup WA.

Our plumbing and drain services will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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Water Line Repair in Puyallup
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