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Sewer Scope in Orting

Sewer Video Camera Inspections in Orting

  • Professional Video Feed Sewer Inspections

  • Clear Diagnosis & Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Best in Orting for Line Clearing & Sewer Scoping

  • Find Sewer Line Issues: Breaks, Cracks, Roots, etc.

  • Licensed, Insured Sewer Camera Inspection Service

Sewer mainline backups are a total no-go for your plumbing and sewage system. It might seem like just another blocked drain needing a good clean, but a blockage in the sewer line could point to bigger problems—things like clogs from debris, or even cracks, breaks, and tree roots invading the line. After clearing the drain, a sewer camera inspection (or "sewer scope" as some say) is crucial to really understand what's happening. This step requires a skilled plumbing and sewer contractor with an eye for detail.


Aardvark Rooter is here for these types of issues, and they are identified by proper inspections. A proper video scope will offer you the reassurance that your sewer system is in good shape or point you toward a cost-effective repair solution. We bring years of expertise in plumbing and sewer camera inspections to Orting homes and businesses. While it might turn out to be a simple blockage, it's essential to check for more serious issues like root intrusions or damaged pipes, which might require thorough sewer repair or a full replacement.

Our technicians frequently conduct video sewer camera scopes in Orting, where the blend of old and new homes means degrading ground drain lines aren't uncommon. This is often due to the older, less durable materials used in the past. Aardvark Rooter specializes in careful sewer line diagnosis. With our inspections, we're able to identify the most cost-effective and convenient solutions for any issues. Don't hesitate to call us at 253-946-4158 today—we're ready to thoroughly examine your situation.

Our plumbing and drain services will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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