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Affordable Plumbers in Bonney Lake, WA

  • Aardvark handles ANY plumbing-related service in Bonney Lake

  • Water leak repair & water lines

  • Unclogging any clogged drain

  • A reasonable plumber homeowners trust and recommend

  • Gas or electric water heater repair & replacements

  • Solving problems with toilets, sinks, & more

Our service will leave you satisfied, ...but you don't have to
take our word for it!
Customer Reviews

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Complete and Affordable Plumbing and Drain Solutions!

You cannot know when a plumbing problem will happen, but it sure would be good to know WHICH COMPANY you can call upon when water leaks, drain clogs, sewer line issues, or other malfunctions occur. Many people may not have a plumber they trust in the Bonney Lake area, but we're ready to show you our type of affordable service that you can rely upon and even recommend.

Call on Aardvark Rooter! We answer our phones and we give reasonable responses when many plumbing service companies will not. We will handle your problems whether they are large or small with the same honest and professional approach. Our office staff and technicians are some of the most helpful you'll find. We're more than prepared to get you past all of the drain clogs, sewer backups, pipe leaks, and all other problems or issues. We'll give you clear options for you to solve your situation after we perform a complete diagnostic. That's how we've become one of the most trusted and affordable contractors that Bonney Lake, WA has to offer. You want an affordable and reasonable plumber, but you really don't want a "cheap" one---there's a big difference, we hope to show you.

We do right by our customers---you'll see it in our awesome reviews. Test our service for yourself by sending us a completed contact form (below), OR by calling Aardvark Rooter today at 253-946-4158. We cannot wait to be the plumbers you call and to show you exactly why are known as a company that you can depend on to handle expert diagnosis, complete service, and affordable fixes every time.

More than Plumbing. We Have Expertise in Drains, Sewers, and Water Service Lines!

Aardvark Rooter is equipped to handle all aspects of your home's (or business's) plumbing system, but we are unquestionably experts in in-ground water lines, drain cleaning, and side sewer lines. In reality, 90% of plumbing issues are caused by a blockage or leak. We are trained professionals who specialize in identifying, diagnosing, and repairing "flow" issues in and out of your house.

Excavation or digging into the earth is frequently required to reach a broken water line or sewer pipe—and we may investigate those possibilities immediately if that is the case. Water leaks in the ground or walls might be difficult to detect, but once discovered, we move promptly to repair or replace the water pipe, restoring the flow of water. Our experience benefits you by saving you time, money, and trouble. Unclogging drains in Bonney Lake  (and surrounding regions) and detecting severe issues may be a considerably more difficult process for some plumbing businesses, and they may need to "call in" and contact additional expertise.

Aardvark does not need to do this since we are experienced and frequently utilize specialized equipment to clean your line and detect sewage line difficulties. Obstructions and blockages may be cleared more quickly and efficiently by a drain cleaning and sewer specialist. Simple snaking or drain machine clearing is only the beginning. We can also utilize a sewer camera examination to check what's going on within your sewer line to make sure you don't have a much bigger problem with roots or a damaged sewage line. We also employ hydro-jetting equipment to remove some of the most difficult obstructions and to get a better look at your drain lines. We are also ready to repair all or a section of a broken sewage line employing excavation or pipe relining if necessary. So, are we a reliable Bonney Lake plumber? YES! Nevertheless, we simply provide far more in terms of specialist services for problems with water lines and drain blockages, so there is no need to contact another company. Just call Aardvark!

We take care of our consumers, as seen by our excellent ratings. Send us a full contact form or call Aardvark Rooter now at 253-946-4158 to put our service to the test. We can't wait to be the plumbers you contact and show you why we're regarded as a business you can rely on for skilled diagnosis, comprehensive service, and inexpensive fixes every time.

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