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Affordable Plumbers in Sumner, WA

  • Handling ANY plumbing service you need

  • Water leak repair & water lines

  • Unclogging any drain in or outside the home

  • A trustworthy company near Sumner​

  • Gas or electric water heaters

  • Solving problems with toilets, sinks & more

Affordable Plumbing and Drain Solutions from a Plumbing Company Near Sumner!

We are more than capable of clearing drains, cleaning your sewers, and even repairing or replacing your water lines. But you've gotta know that Aardvark Rooter performs ANY plumbing service, so you can feel free to call and ask about any problem you're experiencing. Our technicians are licensed and competent, and we've been among the best plumbers near you for over a decade.

Aardvark Rooter will be the only call you need to make for an affordable and complete fix to your plumbing issue--whether it's a water leak, a broken shower valve, or a malfunctioning toilet. You're looking for a clear diagnostic as well as options from which to pick without being pressured, right?—we do just that! We always send a fully capable technician to assess ANY issue your house (or business office) is having. If the problem isn't isolated but is part of a larger water or drain system problem, we'll give you our best diagnosis, as well as the option to have the bigger issue solved permanently. We just want the opportunity to become your affordable plumbing expert for life.

Do you have any questions or need service for a lingering issue? Call Right Now! We're the plumbing service Sumner residents can rely on for an honest evaluation that you can be proud to refer to your friends and relatives. We are Aardvark Rooter. 253-946-4158

Our service will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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You Get An Expert in Water Lines, Drains, and Sewer

Aardvark Rooter is prepared to handle every aspect of your home's (or business's) plumbing system, but we are a specialist when it comes to in-ground water lines, drain clearing, and side sewer lines. In actuality, a blockage or leak issue makes up 90% of plumbing problems. We are skilled experts who focus on locating, diagnosing, and fixing problems with "flow" into and out of your home.


We're more than your average plumber:

  • Drain Cleaning: We don't just unclog drains. We can use cameras to see what's causing the issue, and hydro-jetting to clear tough blockages.

  • Special Services: If you have a major issue, like a damaged sewer line, we can fix it without needing to call in another company.

To access a damaged water line or sewer pipe, digging into the ground is frequently necessary--and we can explore those options immediately if that is necessary. Water leaks in the ground or walls can be difficult to find, but once they are, we act quickly to repair or replace the water piping, restoring the water flow. Our experience helps you and saves you time, money, and hassle. Unclogging drains (and neighboring areas) and identifying major problems may be a much more challenging task for some Sumner plumbing companies, and they may need to "call in" and access other specialists. Aardvark doesn't need to do that because we are knowledgeable and regularly employ specific gear to handle clearing your line and detecting sewer line issues. This can be especially important when you hit an emergency plumbing problem.


A drain cleaning and sewer professional can clear obstructions and blockages more quickly and efficiently. Basic snaking or drain machine clearing is just the start. To ensure you don't have a much worse problem with roots or a broken sewage line, we can also use a sewer camera examination to see what's going on inside your sewer line. To remove some tough clogs and to get a clearer look at your drain pipes, we also use hydro-jetting technology. If necessary, we are also willing to repair all or a portion of a damaged sewer line using excavation or pipe relining. Are we a reputable plumber in Sumner, WA then? YES! But, we simply provide you with much more when it comes to specialized services for problems with water lines and drain clogs. When you're looking to hire a plumber, there is no need to call in another business, no matter what the issues are. Simply dial Aardvark!

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