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Local, Expert Plumbers in Lake Tapps, WA

  • Comprehensive Plumbing Services for Any Need

  • Water Leak Repair and Water Line Services

  • Unclogging Drains Inside and Outside the Home

  • Reliable Plumbing Company Near Lake Tapps

  • Gas and Electric Water Heater Services

  • Fixes for Toilets, Sinks, and More

Cost-Effective Plumbing Solutions in Lake Tapps, WA

We can tackle anything from unclogging drains to cleaning out sewers and repairing or replacing water lines. If you’re facing plumbing issues, know that Aardvark Rooter is equipped to handle everything you might need. Serving Lake Tapps, we've delivered top-notch plumbing repairs and replacements for over a decade.


No matter the plumbing issue—be it a leak, a broken shower valve, or a malfunctioning toilet—Aardvark Rooter is the only call you'll need to make. We provide an honest assessment and present you with options so you can make decisions without pressure. For any problem, big or small, we promptly send a skilled specialist to your home or business. If it turns out to be a more significant issue affecting your entire drain system, we offer video sewer line scopes to precisely identify the problem and suggest permanent solutions. Our ultimate goal is to become your trusted, go-to plumbing service.

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out! As the trusted plumbing company in Lake Tapps, WA, we're committed to providing you with a fair assessment and service you'll be confident in recommending to friends and family. Aardvark Rooter is here to resolve your plumbing issues. Call us now at 253-946-4158—we're ready to help get your plumbing back on track.

Our service will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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A Professional Ready to Repair Your Plumbing, Drains, and Sewer Lines

Aardvark Rooter is well-prepared to manage any aspect of your residential or commercial plumbing system, excelling particularly in in-ground water line installation, drain cleaning, and side sewer line installation. It’s a fact that 90% of plumbing issues stem from obstructions in drain lines or from water/sewer leaks. As trained professionals, we adeptly handle problems affecting the flow of water into and out of your property.

Often, reaching a broken water line or sewer pipe requires excavation, which we promptly undertake if necessary. Fixing leaks in the ground or walls may be challenging, but our commitment is always to repair or replace pipes efficiently to restore proper water flow. Our expertise not only resolves issues but also conserves resources.

While some local services may struggle with unclogging drains and identifying severe problems without external help, our proficiency and specialized equipment, like video sewer cameras, enable us to clear lines and pinpoint issues faster than many. Our skilled professionals can unclog drains and sewers more effectively than DIY attempts. Using techniques like snaking or drain machine cleaning is just the start; we can also inspect your sewer lines with a camera to check for worsening root invasions or pipe damage.

Aardvark owns hydro-jetting gear to eliminate tough blockages and conduct thorough inspections of your drain lines. We also handle excavation and relining of damaged sewer sections as needed. For the most experienced and knowledgeable plumbing service in Lake Tapps, WA, look no further than Aardvark Rooter. Just give us a call!

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