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Sewer Repair in Puyallup

Expert & Licensed Sewer Repair in Puyallup

  • Experienced side sewer repair in Puyallup

  • Sewer camera video inspections and a complete diagnosis

  • We're a licensed sewer line contractor (excavation too!)

  • Sewer leak locating---find EXACTLY where to repair

  • Also complete Storm Drain clearing and repair

Our service will leave you satisfied, ...but you don't have to
take our word for it!
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Have you wondered if your slow drain isn't JUST a small clog, but actually a broken or root-intruded sewer line? Aardvark Rooter is all about helping you find the true source of your drain problems. As a rooter company, we are an efficient drain cleaner, but we also know what issues of sewer repair Puyallup homes face. Our expert drain specialists can get everything cleared and flowing, but also give you a complete understanding of the issues your sewer line may be facing. We'd love to be your sewer drain consultant.


Aardvark Rooter pledges to do only the work that is necessary for the health, safety, and comfort of our customers. Most importantly with sewer problems, you must determine if you are dealing with only blockages or actually compromises or breaks in the sewer pipe. No matter the problem, our guys will take you carefully through the process and deliver a cleared line, a smaller repair, or a complete sewer replacement if that is what you actually need. We give competitive quotes and handle every need for you---from start to finish.

Aardvark Rooter knows the kind of things Puyallup sewer repair customers face. Along with being a quality plumbing repair company, we are proud to be licensed as a sewer repair and installation contractor. We've spent many years operating and solving these types of drain issues in Puyallup, and we hope to work with you if and when a need arises.

If you are unsure or even if you have already established your need for a new sewer line or simple sewer repairs, do not hesitate to give us a call at 253-946-4158. We'll be pleased to give you and your family our honest and affordable sewer line repair quote right away.

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