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Sewer Scope Buckley, WA

We Do Sewer Camera Inspections in Buckley!

  • Expert Sewer Scope Process with Complete Diagnosis

  • Clear Guidance from Experienced Techs

  • Line Clearing and Sewer Line Repair in Buckley, WA

  • Locate Issues: Cracks, Roots, Breaks, etc,

  • Licensed, Insured Plumbers to Solve These Issues and More!

Sewer main line back-ups spell trouble because they stop your home's sewage and drainage system from working. This is similar to needing a drain cleared for a clog but it is potentially far more complex. Issues could range from simple blockages to cracked pipes, breaks, or roots invading the sewer line. Initially, drain-clearing might seem enough, but a sewer video camera inspection, or "sewer scope," (done with a specialized camera on the end of a snake line) can reveal the true extent of the problem. This makes calling a skilled sewer contractor crucial.


Aardvark Rooter specializes in sewer scoping to diagnose your issues accurately, offering cost-effective remedies if we find problems. With years of experience, our sewer camera inspection is a trusted service for Buckley residents and businesses, providing you with a DVD copy for reference. Whether it’s a simple clog, root intrusion, or a need for sewer repair or replacement, we're equipped to help.

Our plumbing service technicians regularly conduct sewer camera scopes in Buckley, WA, a mix of new and older homes. It's not unusual for sewer lines in older properties to start showing signs of wear, as they're made from materials that degrade over time. Aardvark Rooter is at your service for precise sewer line diagnosis. With our sewer camera inspections, we quickly identify the most cost-effective and suitable solutions for any issue. Ready for a detailed inspection of your sewer lines? Call us today at 253-946-4158—we're prepared to assess your situation!

Our plumbing and drain services will leave you satisfied...but you don't have to take our word for it!
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Sewer Scope Services Buckley, WA
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