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Affordable, Expert Plumbers in Enumclaw

  • Handling ANY plumbing service you need

  • Water leak repair & water lines

  • Unclogging any drain in or outside the home

  • A trustworthy plumbing company near Enumclaw

  • Gas or electric water heaters

  • Solving problems with toilets, sinks & more

Affordable Service for All Enumclaw Plumbing Problems

We can unclog drains, clean out sewers, and even fix or replace water lines for you. If you're having plumbing issues, though, you should know that Aardvark Rooter can handle whatever you throw at them. For Enumclaw plumbing services, we've been providing first-rate repairs and replacements for over a decade, and our specialists are highly trained and certified.

No matter what kind of plumbing problem you're experiencing—a leak, a broken shower valve, or a malfunctioning toilet—Aardvark Rooter is the only company you'll need to call. We provide you with an honest evaluation and choices you may make without feeling rushed to make a decision.  No matter the nature of the problem, we will send a skilled specialist to your home or place of work immediately. If we determine that the issue is larger and affecting the whole drain system, we can perform a video sewer line scope of the problem and give you the option of having it fixed permanently. Our only goal is to earn your permanent business as your go-to plumbing service.

Do you have any questions? Reach out right away! We are the plumbing company in Enumclaw that you can trust to give you a fair assessment, and we want you to feel good about recommending us to your friends and family. Aardvark Rooter is ready to get your plumbing set straight. 253-946-4158

Our service will leave you satisfied, ...but you don't have to
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A Professional Who Can Fix Your Plumbing, Drains, and Sewer Lines

While Aardvark Rooter is equipped to handle any component of your residential or commercial plumbing system, we particularly excel in the areas of in-ground water line installation, drain cleaning, and side sewer line installation. The truth is that 90% of plumbing issues are caused by some sort of obstruction in drain lines or are due to a water/sewer leak. We are trained professionals who can repair the issues with the "flow" into and out of your house.


Excavation or digging into the earth is often essential to reach a broken water line or sewer pipe, and we will investigate such possibilities quickly if they are needed. Leaks in the ground or walls can be hard to handle, but we always do our best to fix or replace the pipes to get the water flowing again. Our expertise is useful and will help you save resources. Some plumbing services may find it difficult to unclog drains in Enumclaw (and the surrounding regions) and discover serious problems without "calling in" and gaining access to the services of other professionals.


Because of our expertise and consistent use of specialized equipment (like a video sewer camera for inspections), Aardvark can clear your line and identify any problems for you more quickly than some plumbing companies. And, certainly our trained and experienced expert will be able to unclog your drains and sewers far more swiftly than you could on your own. Snaking or drain machine cleaning is only the beginning. We may also examine your sewer line with a sewer camera to ensure that the root invasion or damaged pipe isn't becoming any worse. Aardvark has its own hydro-jetting equipment to clean out stubborn obstructions and provide a more thorough inspection of your drain lines. Our services also cover excavation and relining of broken sections of sewage pipe if that is what it takes to get the job done. You won't find a more experienced and knowledgeable plumber in Enumclaw, WA. Just give Aardvark a call!

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