Your drain starts to clog, but then you realize it's a full-on backup that's effecting more than just one drain---it's effecting all of the drains on your lowest floor. This means you have a sewer line clog at least. You must, though, make sure that there isn't a bigger sewer line issue that is causing the problem. You need a company that can clear the sewer line effectively and then inspect the line thoroughly with a sewer camera inspection (some refer to this as a "sewer scope"). These sewer video inspections will allow us to see exactly what's happening.
We use Sewer camera videos in Tacoma WA regularly. There are many older and degrading sewer lines in the area, but don't worry, there are many ways to solve the problem once we clear your drain. Give us a chance to show you an affordable process for sewer camera inspections and sewer repair. Call Aardvark at 253-946-4158.
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  • Complete Sewer Video Camera Inspection with DVD copy
  • Diagnosis To Provide the Most Affordable Solution
  • Decades of Experience with Sewer Scope and Repairs in Tacoma
  • We'll locate any Sewer Leaks, Root Issues, Sewer Breakages
  • Licensed and Insured Sewer Camera Contractor
Accurate diagnosis is important, and of course seeing is believing! For decades, we've been doing sewer camera inspections Tacoma businesses and residents can really use to make a good decision. You may have a root intrusion which can be handled multiple ways, or maybe the line is broken but not crushed. Thanks to the sewer video (and leave you with a DVD recording), we will know if you have the option to use trenchless sewer technology. The idea is that we get a clear look at your sewer pipe and discuss all of your options.
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