It's time to end your worrying about stopped up drains or sewer backups. Aardvark Rooter is the local drain specialist that will clear your clogged drain right away, then inspect your drains or main sewer line for larger issues.  We are proud to be your locally owned, cost-effective solution. It's drain cleaning Tacoma residents can count on to protect the safety and overall health of your household. We have all the newest tools and technology, and we are VERY affordable compared to the other drain cleaner services in the area, or anywhere for that matter!

Aardvark can help with any clogged drain or sewer repair issue. We have decades of experience in the industry. We are ready to clear clogged drains, use our hydro-jetter, take a closer look with our sewer line camera, find and clear any root intrusions, seek out any break in your main drain, and more, including handling your storm drains.  On top of that, we are prepared to help with any type of plumbing need your home may have while we're there. Aardvark has the experience to do it all!

Being operated locally Aardvark Rooter will take care of the issue with your clogged drain in Tacoma WA. We quickly arrive to diagnose your clogs, clear them, and inspect your main drain lines, if necessary. Call us today for the type of drain cleaning Tacoma can rely on.  We aim to win your business and be your plumbing company for years to come.  
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  • Experienced Tacoma Drain Cleaning (we know the area well)
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