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How to Get ALL NEW Sewer Lines Installed On Your Property

by Aardvark Rooter on 10/20/16

Thinking about developing a property? Maybe you're building a home for yourself, or you could be building a house to sell for profit. Or, maybe it's just that your home is on a septic tank and you’d like to connect to the city sewer system (King County happens to be encouraging this, by the way). If you have any of these circumstances, you're gonna need to have ALL NEW side sewer lines installed. We'd like to show you the steps you can follow to get this process started: 

1) Visit your local sewer provider. Go to their offices and request ALL of the information they can provide about the sewer availability on your parcel. Here are the possible answers to this inquiry: 
A) A sewer connection may not be present—“undeveloped”. 
B) Your property may require a “pump system” as well. 
C) In order to get bids from sewer line contractors, they will need exact information about where the connecting stub will be and the depth of that stub. 
D) If the city wants you to install a stub, make sure your sewer line contractor can arrange and install a new connection on a “live” city sewer line (this is also known as a “saddle”). 
E) Pay connection fees and obtain ALL permits while you are there. 
F) Obtain a roster of the locally-approved side sewer contractors that are licensed with that jurisdiction. 

2) If you are leaving behind a septic system, you need to visit the public health department as well, for their instructions on properly abandoning and/or decommissioning the old septic tank.

3) Once you have all of the information and have paid your fees, you are then ready to call some contractors. You can schedule them to come out, look at your project and provide detailed bids (Aardvark Rooter is glad to do this for customers in our service area!).

4) If you want to develop several properties, you may have to contact a larger company, but rest assured that smaller companies can work just as efficiently if you are planning on doing one at a time (or only one in total).

5) You must be prepared for the work to last several days and maybe a little wait time added in order to have it inspected and approved.

Aardvark Rooter specializes in side sewer and drain work, so we’d advise that you find a company like ours that has experience, resources, and an overall focus on handling these jobs. Many general plumbing companies do this work as well, but the expertise may not be there. Also, these jobs include some amount of risk, so please double check that your contractor is licensed and insured before even getting a quote.

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