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How Sewer Camera Video Technology Benefits You

Are you experiencing a slow-moving drain? Is your drain line clogging up? Then it is time to call a plumbing and drain cleaning expert with all the professional experience and equipment to properly diagnose and solve the issue.

One of the newer technologies in the drain cleaning world is high-resolution in-pipe camera inspections— also called “video snaking” by some out there. Sewer line video inspections help accurately pinpoint your plumbing issue so it can be fully resolved. These little cameras take all the guesswork out of drain line problems.

How does the video inspection work?

A drain cleaning technician will come out to your residence with a hose-like camera. With a blockage, they will usually run their snake first to try and clear the sewer line for the most part. They will then put their sewer line camera down the main sewer line and as the camera travels you will be able to see a video of your pipes. The camera can travel all the way to where your pipes connect to the city's sewer main or your septic tank—even going around corners!

How does the video find my clog?

If you have a blockage that was not easily cleared by snaking or a recurring issue that needs to be inspected, the video can give a better picture of what's going wrong or what is causing a drain clog. Through the process of traveling your pipes, the plumber will be able to diagnose what is causing the block or slow-moving drain. The camera will stop at the blockage point and the technician will use a transmitter above ground to identify the exact location of the problem. Also through the video, the plumber will be able to see the cause of the issue.

They will be able to identify whether it is a broken or punctured sewer line, a root intrusion any issue, or a misalignment. Having a sewer video inspection when you are having a drain issue will save you money by avoiding unnecessary repairs or replacements by being able to accurately diagnose the origin of the problem. Also, the camera can be used after the repair to verify that there is no additional clogging.

At Aardvark Rooter we use inspection cameras to save our customers time and money and to know the best method to fix the problem. It's all a part of being thorough and giving homeowners the full picture of what needs to be fixed and what does not. If you live in the Tacoma, Federal Way, Puyallup, Auburn WA, Kent, or Renton areas, we hope to be your drain cleaning expert! If you have any additional questions about sewer line cameras or any other clogging issue give us a call today!


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