In some cases, it will work just fine to repair a section of the water main line. In other situations, if the line is degraded or very old, you may find that it is worth getting the entire line replaced, to avoid recurring spot repairs.

If you do have to replace water lines or water pipes of any kind, Wirsbo Pex is a very popular choice and it is much better material for long-lasting durability. At least if you have to replace the line, Aardvark's water piping experts can help you get a solid upgrade. Plus the newer material can speed up the process and allow us to save you money. We also offer directional boring (in some cases), which is a method of tunneling underneath your yard to install the new water line. Please ask us if this option fits your situation and if it will save you money/time.

Aardvark Rooter is a drain and sewer specialist, but also an expert in the kind of water lines Federal Way customers have. Call us today, so we can begin to solve your water leak issues. 253-946-4158
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Every home needs water service from the local utility. This comes to your home underground through your main water line, running from the meter (usually out by the street) to your house. This water supply line can be different lengths and can be buried at a variety of depths. It's an easy plumbing feature to ignore until you have a water line break, resulting in a serious water leak. You won't even know until you see some odd pooling in your yard, or maybe not even until the water company sends you an alert of some sort.
If you have a water line leak or break, Aardvark Rooter can be a huge ally for you. We are very experienced with the water lines Federal Way homes and businesses are dealing with. Our licensed plumbers are careful to diagnose properly, locate the leak, and provide you with all options. Saving you money starts with gathering all the information we can, then presenting you with a choice of how to handle the issue. We follow this same process with in-home water leaks that may be in walls or floors.
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