Sewer problems aren't immediately clear. You probably have a slow drain on the bottom floor of your house (let's say the bath tub). Then it quickly turns into multiple slow or backed up drains. This is a sign of a bigger issue, this points to a sewer line backup. Aardvark Rooter is ready to clear any drain or sewer line, but be prepared, your sewer line could actually be broken, cracked, or completely compromised by roots. Aardvark can handle any sewer repair you need, if that's what needs to be done.
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Aardvark Rooter is a licensed side sewer repair and installation contractor. We've been doing sewer repair Sumner WA homeowners have hired for years. Call our office today at 253-946-4158 and you'll soon see that we are honest, friendly, and focus of solving your drain clearing or sewer line issues as cost-effectively as possible. 
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  • Decades of Experience with Sewer Repair in Sumner WA
  • We Clear Sewer Backups (Roots, Clogs)
  • We Do Sewer Camera Inspections for Clear Diagnosis
  • Sewer Repair or Complete Installation
  • We are Licensed Sewer Line Contractor (Excavation too!)
  • Don't Get Pressured -- Get Clear Options
The diagnosis of your sewer line issue must be handled carefully. The line must be cleared, then a video camera inspection should be done to inspect why the blockage occurred. If the drain cleaning was all that you needed, then our job is done. We may find that there is a root intrusion or a crack in your sewer line---this happens with older side sewer lines all of the time. Aardvark Rooter will help accurately diagnose the issue and give you a competitive cost, whether we can replace only a section of the line, or if we see that the entire side sewer must be replaced.
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