Sewer main line back-ups are disastrous, because they shut down your sewage and drainage system for your home. It's like when any drain cleaning of a clog is needed, except when a sewer clog occurs, it can be caused by issues greater than just material stuck in the pipe. Sewer lines can crack, break, and have roots growing into the line. Remember, you'll likely need a drain clearing procedure, then the "sewer scope" will give a clearer idea of what's actually going on. A licensed and experienced sewer contractor is essential to the process.
Our techs perform these sewer camera scopes in Renton WA regularly. Renton has a new homes, but also some older ones, so it's not too much of a surprise if some of these sewer lines are beginning to degrade. That eventually happens with older and less-durable materials. Aardvark Rooter is your resource for sewer line diagnosis and, thanks to sewer camera inspections, we can be quicker to find the most affordable and most fitting solutions to the problem. Call today at 253-946-4158, we are ready to get a clear look at your situation!
Sewer Scope Renton

Get Your Drain or Sewer Scope in Renton WA

Sewer Scope Renton WA
Affordable Sewer Camera Video Renton
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Affordable Sewer Camera Video Renton
Sewer Inspections with Video

  • We Perform Expert Sewer Scope Inspections, leaving you a DVD copy
  • Clear Diagnosis from Experienced Techs Who Can Guide You
  • Line Clearing and Repair Solutions, after your Sewer Scope in Renton
  • Locate Sewer Problems Clearly: Sewer Cracks, Breaks, Roots, etc.
  • Your Licensed and Insured Sewer Video Camera Company
Aardvark Rooter will handle your sewer scoping procedure, and if something is amiss, we can provide affordable solutions. With decades of experience, we provide a sewer camera inspection service Renton homeowners (and businesses) can depend upon. We can even leave you a DVD copy of the inspection to refer back to. It may be that you only have a build up or clog that can be cleared, but you'll want to rule out any root intrusions, cracks in your sewer lines, or degrading sewer line material may need a professional sewer repair or total replacement.
Sewer Video Inspection Renton WA
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