Sewer main line back-ups are simply a deal-breaker for your plumbing/sewage system. Yes, it's a blocked drain just like any other and a good drain cleaning is needed. But, when a sewer line blockage happens, it can be caused by material clogging the pipe or possibly greater issues with that sewer line, like cracks breaks and roots growing into the line. Once your drain is clear, a sewer camera inspection or "sewer scope" as some call it, gives you the best idea of what's going on---so, you'll need a licensed sewer contractor, who knows what they're looking at. 
Our techs perform these sewer camera scopes with video in Puyallup WA regularly. Puyallup has a mix of older and newer homes, so it's not too surprising to have a degrading sewer line, which eventually happens with some of the older and less-durable materials. Aardvark Rooter will carefully handle sewer line diagnosis and, thanks to sewer camera inspections, can help find the most affordable and most convenient solution to the problem. Call today at 253-946-4158, we're really to scope out the situation.
Sewer Scope Puyallup

Sewer Scope Camera Inspection Puyallup

Sewer Video Inspection Puyallup WA
Affordable Sewer Camera Video Puyallup
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Affordable Sewer Camera Video Puyallup
Sewer Inspections with Video

  • Get Pro Sewer Camera Inspection leaving you a DVD copy
  • Get Clearer Diagnosis and We'll Show You Affordable Solutions
  • The Best Line Clearing, plus Sewer Scope in Puyallup
  • Locate Your Sewer Problems: Sewer Breaks, Root Infestation, etc.
  • Your Licensed and Insured Sewer Video Camera Company
Aardvark rooter performs these inspections that give you peace of mind that everything is alright, or to help you get an affordable sewer repair. With decades of experience, we provide the sewer camera inspection services Puyallup homeowners (and business owners) can rely on. Our inspection even produces a DVD copy that you can refer to later on. Of course, you could simply have a nasty buildup or foreign object(s) that warranted clearing, but you'll want to rule out root intrusions, cracked sewer lines, or degrading sewers piping may need real sewer repair or replacement.
Sewer Video Inspection Puyallup WA
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