A sewer line backup or clog can be much different from a simple drain clog in some ways. Sure, a good drain cleaning is needed either way, but if a sewer line blockage has occurred, the smart homeowner must rule out greater issues with the side sewer. Once your drain is clear, a sewer camera inspection or "sewer scope" as some may refer to it, will give you the clearest idea of what's going on---at least when guided by a licensed sewer contractor, who knows exactly what to look for. 
Our technicians perform these Sewer camera videos in Federal Way WA regularly. Federal Way has a mix of older and newer homes, but don't be surprised if you have a degrading sewer line, as it may use an older and less durable material. Aardvark Rooter will carefully go through the steps of sewer line diagnosis and, thanks to sewer camera inspections, can help get you the most affordable and convenient solution to the problem. Call today at 253-946-4158, we're really to scope out the situation.
Sewer Scope Federal Way WA

Sewer Video Inspection Federal Way

Sewer Video Inspection Federal Way WA
Affordable Sewer Camera Video Federal Way
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Federal Way Sewer Camera Inspections
Sewer Inspections with Video

  • Professional Sewer Camera Inspection with a DVD copy
  • Clearer Diagnosis Helps with Us Find Affordable Solutions
  • Experience the Best Line Clearing and Sewer Scope in Federal Way
  • Locate Sewer Issues: Sewer Cracks, Root Infestation, or Collapses
  • Your Licensed, Insured Sewer Video Camera Contractor
Aardvark rooter uses these inspections to give you peace of mind if everything is alright, but also to help find your options and get an affordable sewer repair. We have decades of experience in doing sewer camera inspections Federal Way businesses and homeowners can rely on, and refer to use the DVD copy we produce. A sewer cleaning may be all that was required, as you could simply have a nasty buildup or foreign object(s) that needed clearing. On the other hand, root intrusions, collapsed sewer lines, or cracked and degrading sewers may need some sewer repair or replacement.
Sewer Line Video Camera Inspections
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