Aardvark Rooter is here to help with any plumbing issue but we have specialized training in professionally clearing your drain blockages as well as repairing sewer line breaks. It's professional drain cleaning Des Moines WA homeowners can always call upon for an up-front, honest, and affordable approach to sewer main line problems.

We use that latest technology that can help with your sewer problem. We have the proper experience and equipment to clean your drains of clogs or root intrusions. The tools of the trade are at our disposal, with drain snakes, jetters, roto-tools, and the use of high-tech cameras that we can send down your sewer to locate the areas that may need repair. If it is absolutely necessary, or makes sense for the situation, we can replace the entire sewer line. Be sure to ask about trenchless sewer line options (to protect your yard and landscaping).

At Aardvark Rooter we are looking to exceed your expectations and become your family plumber for years to come. Our technicians reach you quickly and will offer affordable comprehensive services.  We have decades of experience in the industry and can help consult, inspect, repair and fix any plumbing issue that homes and buildings in Des Moines, WA face. Give us a call today!
  • Drain Cleaning Expertise in Des Moines
  • Snaking and Roto Machinery
  • Hydro Jetter Service
  • Sewer Line Video Inspection Equipment
  • Sewer leakage-locating technology
  • We handle storm drain needs as well
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Are your drains running slow? Do you suspect that you have a drain cleaning issue?  Aardvark Rooter is your locally owned and operated drain cleaning experts. Our technicians are specifically trained to effectively clear your drains and ensure that there are no larger problems. We are proud to provide Des Moines, WA with professional, cost- effective services.
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