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Water Line Breaks, Water Main Installs, and what you should know about them.

by Aardvark Rooter on 08/19/14

Your home's water line, or the water main, as some refer to them is what supplies your whole home with fresh water. It runs from the meter (the street) to your home and therefore, can truly vary in length from home to home. It's pretty easy to take this underground pipe for granted until it cracks or breaks. The resulting water leakage can pool in your yard, or in many cases, you won't find out until your water bill skyrockets and the utility sends you an alert about a possible breakage.

Can you prevent water main line issues?  Well, it's usually not a preventable circumstance, unless you know that your home is over 65 years old, and has never had a new water line put in.  In this case, it may be wise to just go ahead and have the line replaced. 

If a leak or break in your water line occurs, then you are better off having the whole line replaced than simply having part of the line repaired.  If it comes from a freak digging accident or something (yet, you should be calling 8-1-1 before you dig anyhow), it's understandable to do a "spot repair", but realize that 4 or 5 spot repairs would cost you more than a completely new underground water line.

When you do have to replace a water line these days, there are some great options for material and installation method. A very popular choice is the Wirsbo Pex water line material. For you water main install, these are safer, easier, faster, and they tend to have a much longer predicted longevity. It's nice to get an upgrade if you're investing in a new line!

Also, there is also a great option for water line installation that can save your yard and landscaping from excavation.  Directional boring is available where the new piping is "tunneled" underneath, with only two small holes needed on either side of the installed line.

Two other tips for a water main installation: 1. If you ever get your line replaced, it's also a good time to make sure your water shut-off valve is in an easy-to-access place: and 2. This is a good time to check on your water pressure. If the pressure measures 50-80 psi, you are okay.  If higher, you should plan on getting a pressure regulator valve (also known as a PRV, or a pressure control valve) installed at the same time. High water pressure can significantly decrease the life of your faucets, valves, angle stops, and even your appliances, as they stress out the internal systems of each.

If you should need any help or need any of these water main installations in Federal Way, Auburn WA, Tacoma, or the surrounding areas, please feel free to call upon us at Aardvark Rooter!  We're glad to be your expert for all water line breaks and water line installations.  253-946-4158

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