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Tips for getting a good plumber in Auburn WA, Federal Way, or anywhere else!

by Aardvark Rooter on 06/18/13

We've all seen the consumer advisory type reports on contractors and seen the lists of "Tips on Finding a Plumber" or auto repair technician, or roofer, etc.  These lists are generally good guidelines.  A bidding process for each and every plumbing emergency isn't always possible, and even when getting three bids is possible, it's not always the best measuring stick or comparison. You'll want to consider the quality of the company, the quality of the work, and what kind of history they have.  Some of this could cost you if you don't know about, say, their insurance, licensing, and bonding information.

Here's what Aardvark Rooter did for anyone reading this article and looking for a good plumber in Auburn WA, Federal Way, and Tacoma areas:  We took one of these general tips lists, and re-shared it here, providing OUR answer to each of the concerns.  Now it's all out there for you to see even before you call us out!  Here are the tips that we found on ( ), and our replies.

1. Check to make sure that they have a plumbing license. The most basic rule is to be sure that they're licensed and carry full insurance that protects you and your neighbour's property in the event of a catastrophe.

Aardvark Rooter is licensed, bonded, and insured.  We have licensed plumbers that we send out to you.

2. Get two or more references and read online reviews. You can even ask to see some of the work they have done. Read their Facebook page and twitter feed to see how they are interacting with their customers.

Please DO check us out. We have won an Angie's List Super Service Award for three years running.  We also have great reviews all over the web and on Facebook.

3. Ask how long they have been in business for.

We've only been in business as Aardvark Rooter for about 5 years, but Fred, the owner, has experience working at and managing for several area plumbing companies.  He started this company with the vision of being even more ethical than the average plumbing and drain cleaning company.

4. Get another bid/quote for the job but make sure you are comparing apples with apples. Some companies strip their jobs back to the absolute minimum so they can come in at the lowest price, but the work won't last the longest possible time. Ask the company that is more expensive why their price is at that level, so you can determine if there is a difference.

This is a fine means of comparison.  Ultimately, a good consumer should find a company that has served them well a couple of times, and then use them when there is no time to compare. Unless you sense something amiss with the pricing, you should try to work toward finding a company that you can trust your plumbing and drain system to.

5. Ask about their guarantee. Is it money back? Is it limited in any way? Is it written on your bid/quote? Plumbers with great belief in their performance standards put their money where their mouth is.

Aardvark Rooter guarantees it's work.  It's important to talk about it every time out though, because there are always instances where we cannot warranty certain work, or jobs where we are asked to do something we don't initially recommend. We do encourage folks to talk to us if they are unsatisfied in any way.

6. Finding a plumber who gives pricing for small jobs over the phone isn't necessarily the sign of a good plumber.

Great tip here.  A good plumber usually wants to see your exact situation before quoting the job. 

7. The real key is to get flat, fixed quotes so you know exactly what the plumber will do and exactly what you will pay.

Most of the plumbing industry is "flat rate" priced now, but you'd be surprised how often folks want us to quote an hourly rate. This tip is also correct.  Get a flat rate total from one of our technicians after they've seen the situation at your home or business.  This is a sound way of doing business with any plumber.

8. Ask neighbors or nearby friends for plumbing referrals. The best way to find a good plumber is to have referrals from people you trust. Ask a friend, relative, or colleague you trust for a recommendation.

We agree again. We get great recommendations from our people and they bring great customers to us. Ask away!

9. If you've had a good experience with another professional, such as an A/C repair technician, a roofer or an electrician, try asking them for a referral.

This can be a good way to find a plumbing company too, but you'll still want to check them out on the other measures listed above.

Hopefully, by answering the tips that a completely different source has laid out, we can show that we aren't afraid to measure up to even the highest standards customers may have.  In fact, we believe that Aardvark Rooter will prove to be a very good choice if these steps are followed.

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