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Sewer Inspections Done By General Home Inspectors? Yeah, not so much.

by Aardvark Rooter on 07/10/15

There is an interesting new trend in our new market, and possibly in other places around the country. Suddenly, it appears to be that home inspectors have realized that sewers are a part of your home! Now home inspectors are getting involved with your sewer, and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for you.
For many years it seems that as homes have been bought and sold, the sewers have been largely ignored. The health and working order of the sewer line is not even considered as a part of the overall home value and condition. Your home owners insurance is a prime example as well. You may not realize until you need a repair, but your insurance probably won't cover any sewer line breaks caused by a root infestation. A new sewer line that is vital to your home, which costs thousands of dollars, and you’re not covered---it's ridiculous!

Now it seems, where there's money to be made, home inspectors have woken up to the idea that the sewer needs to be included in your home's value, and therefore the inspection. Many inspectors now come equipped with a sewer camera and locating devices. A sewer camera inspection is a valuable service that the inspector can now charge for, and in some cases, they do an adequate job with this. In most cases, though, these professionals are not experts in this field and have very little experience. 

Rooter companies like us at Aardvark Rooter that do drain cleaning and plumbing year-round, and have technicians with 20+ years of experience, should be handling the sewer camera work. Recently, we have looked at recorded videos where we disagree vehemently with the inspectors' opinions and recommendations. Why wouldn't you hire a company that has been locating sewer issues, marking them on the ground above, excavating, and repairing them on a regular basis for many years? The evidence thus far suggests that this part of the home is best left out of the home inspectors' hands as it has been for decades.

Having a general home inspector perform this highly-specific and technical work is akin to having your general doctor handle your colonoscopy. It's risky and not nearly reliable enough. How many inspectors had ever performed this sewer camera work, let alone diagnosed anything properly before the past year? The answer is: not many. This field is best left to those with specific expertise. With the proper company out at your home, if something does happen to need work, you can quickly get a proper bid to get it right! Make sure not to waste your money on an unreliable opinion and call a sewer expert at your trusted plumbing or rooter company. It just makes a lot more sense for you, the homeowner.

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