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Plumbing Install in New Homes vs. Service Plumbing

by Aardvark Rooter on 05/13/14

Installation of new plumbing during construction of a new home is commonly referred to as "rough-in" plumbing. The skills, knowledge, and abilities of a plumber are not truly put to the test in a Rough-in situation, as it is simple and straightforward. The experience required to service and repair plumbing in a home that people have been living in, is far greater.

Replacing whole fixtures are not too difficult for most plumbers, or even some novices.  Generally, any plumbing situation where you don't have to get into the walls, and you get to work with an entirely new system, is easier. For clearing drains, detecting leaks, and diagnosing mechanical errors, you need the experience of a plumbing technician who has seen a lot of repair situations.

Our company's main focus is clearing drain and sewer lines.  These are the most difficult because, for instance, you side sewer line is underground. Finding out what's wrong is sometimes the bulk of the work.  We have the drain cleaning ability to snake the line, use hydro-jetting, a mechanical cutter, and to really inspect what's going on, we can send down a sewer-line camera.  Your sewer can be simply clogged by an object/objects that are flushed down, you can have roots growing into your line, or your line can be broken altogether.  

One can see all of the things that could be wrong when your plumbing backs up, and then all of the ways we can go about finding and solving the problem----it makes a complicated job, even for the experienced plumber.  If the line is broken, we have to put on the construction hats and excavate the ground to either remove and replace a section of the sewer line, or the whole thing! This isn't something you trust to just ANY old handyman.

There are stories of plumbing companies getting calls for funny smells and it turns out to be only a dead rodent under the house, or a possible plumbing leak that was actually just the children missing the toilet---not a leak. Veterans of our profession know how to get to the bottom of odd situations much faster.

A good service plumber will know how to repair faulty sinks, toilets, and waterheaters, but it's very important to listen to the plumbing recommendation.  It's very true that even when an area can be repaired, the better call is just to replace the whole fixture: toilets, sinks, etc.  Water damage can result from failure of plumbing parts and patches---and usually the replacement is nicer and not a lot more expensive a fix.

The next time someone tells you that they know plumbing, because they know plumbing construction, please realize that the skills and abilities of a plumbing service technician are far more advanced.  This is even more true of drain, sewer, and water-line situations.  Do the right thing and contact a licensed, experienced, and reputable service plumbing company.  If you live in Tacoma, Federal Way, Auburn, or Puyallup, may we suggest using us at, Aardvark Rooter?  Let us know!

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