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How are your water pipes Federal Way, Auburn, and Tacoma?

by Aardvark Rooter on 01/06/15

Are you aware of the water quality being provided to your home?  Here are some tips on finding out what the quality of your water is, if your pipes are any sort of a risk, and then steps you can take to handle any issues with your current water supply and piping.

1. Your local water district should provide you with an annual report or water analysis---usually by mail. You should become familiar with this report and read it when it comes to your home.

2. When water comes out of your taps does it smell funny?  What about the good ole' "eye test"? Any signs of impurity when you look at your water? Dark flecks are clearly not a good sign. If your water passes your "eye test" and smell test, then that's a good thing.

3. So, what if your water has a few flecks, or the eye test makes you suspicious in some way? Well, find out how old your pipes are.  Are they copper or galvanized pipes?  

If your home's pipes are approaching 50 years or more, than we would definitely recommend replacement.  This is because copper and galvanized pipes tend to rust out inside the pipe and flecks get free.  These flecks can plug supply lines and stop valves in your home, and also reduce your water pressure. On top of the flecks, these old pipes can easily fall apart if they are contacted in any way causing leaks and needing repair more and more often.

4. Before any kind of major breakage or repair is needed, you can avoid problems by planning the replacement of your home's pipes in advance. Don't let these older pipes cause you to have an emergency on a late night or weekend, where it is hard to find help, and the water damage can be very costly. Get ahead of the problems, get a couple of bids and find a plumbing company that you trust to handle this.

5. This information applies to your water supply from the meter to the house as well.  It's an underground line that usually runs through your front yard. If it is older, it could be degrading, and you'll want think about proper replacement before a breakage occurs and you pay extra for water that leaks back into the ground.

6. Once you replace these older pipes and some of the older angle stops in your house, your water pressure should improve and your water quality should improve as well!  You may also want to look into a water filtration system, but that may be an article for another day. 

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