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Garbage Disposal Tips: Foods To Avoid Putting Down Your Disposal

by Aardvark Rooter on 02/14/16

When you have a garbage disposal on your kitchen sink, it may be tempting to put all your food waste down the disposal. Not all "garbage" though, is meant to go down the drain, and can cause some unnecessary clogs in your pipes or even a breakage of your disposal unit. So, you probably know not to let non-food waste go down your sink ,but it may be hard to decipher what is acceptable to put down your disposal and what foods you should put in your compost or landfill box. Below we have compiled a list of things to avoid putting down the drain and also some foods that are OK to go down the kitchen sink.

Foods you should NOT put down your disposal:

1) Avoid disposing any types of fats or grease down your sink. Although the grease may go down easily at first, as it cools it will solidify and can create drainage clogs and ugly back-ups. Grease can also be hazardous for your disposal blades as it can layer on the blades and make them less effective. Be very aware of your disposal of fats because letting grease go down your pipes can create an immediate costly problem. 

2) Do not put down carb-based products in more than trace amounts. Rice, potatoes, pasta are examples of carb based foods that expand over time when exposed to water. This can effect your pipes by creating blockages- especially when larger amounts are sent down.

3) Fibrous foods should not go down your disposal. This includes potato peels, parts of onion, lettuce and other stringy veggies. The fibrous strings of these materials interfere with the proper running of your disposal’s blades.

4) Prevent egg shells from going down your kitchen sink. Egg shells do not sharpen the blades in your disposal (a common myth) and they can wrap around your shredder ring or even create clogs farther down the line.

5) It may seem obvious but bones and pits should not go down your sink as your garbage disposal is not strong enough to effectively break those types of items apart.

These foods that you CAN put down your garage disposal (IN MODERATION ONLY):

1) Liquids (that do not contain fat or grease) can go down your disposal.

2) Finely chopped, or pureed, non-stringy foods. These types of materials is what your disposal is made to handle. Remember to run cold water before and after you add the foods to ensure that the food gets all the way down the drain. 

3) A small amount of ice cubes. Sending down a few ice cubes can help with food residue and may even help clean your disposal.

Taking care of your garbage disposal will save you time, money and help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns. If you have additional garbage disposal questions or any questions regarding plumbing give Aardvark a call.

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