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Do it yourself drain cleaning? Watch out!

by Aardvark Rooter on 04/14/13

Everyone has had the unfortunate experience of a stopped up toilet or sink. Many of you then tried using a plunger, or perhaps one of those snakes purchased at a local hardware store, to no avail. These things can definitely get complicated.

Some of the more adventurous types will go the DYI (Do It Yourself) route and rent a full sized auger to run through the clean out for their house piping system. Simple, right? Just turn it on and let the auger scour the pipe. If you've got direct access to your drain line, and if all goes well, that's great, but there's more than a few things that could be going on that will get things complicated fast. 

Pipes can become clogged for one of two primary reasons, a large object or collection of objects flushed down the toilet (some accidental stuff, and some collection of normal waste) or tree roots protruding into the drain pipe. If your drain is clogged by things that have been flushed down, the line can most likely be cleared. But if the problem is tree roots, well, things could get a little ugly.

Tree roots protruding through a drain pipe means there is a break in the pipe. If you attempt to use an auger you could easily cause further damage to the pipe and run in to some serious costs. Homeowners are responsible for drain piping up to the point where it ties into the public service utility. If your drain pipe breaks underneath your lawn -- it's yours to fix (and to pay for). In many instances, clearing out the roots can be done without making matters worse, but they will grow back, and need more clearing year after year.

Older homes often have clay pipes or plastic. Even with protrusion by the roots, it doesn't mean that you have to replace the pipe. However, if you cause further damage through your own efforts, you may have no other option than to get an entire sewer line repair

Even if it is just a washrag or child's toy that got stuck in the drain, improper use of an auger can still cause damage. Besides that, it's not a pleasant task. It can be a very dirty, smelly job.

The best way to ensure your drains are properly cleaned is to hire a professional. In our case, we can follow all of the proper steps to make sure we do only what's necessary, and if a bigger fix is needed, such as a new side sewer line, we can take care of it. 

Aardvark Rooter's plumbers know how to properly inspect and clean drains -- and at a reasonable cost. We have all of the equipment, including sewer line cameras, to make sure we are doing the right thing for you and your plumbing and drain systems. The next time you find yourself dealing with a clogged drain, take the hassle out of the equation and give Aardvark Rooter a call. We've been proudly serving Federal Way Plumbing and Auburn WA Plumbing and drain cleaning needs for years, and we'd like the opportunity to show you what complete drain care looks like!

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